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Austria whatsapp groups are live and we are adding this section which is dedicated to only Austrian whatsapp chat community – before we introduce and unfold our very best Austria chat groups  we would like to introduce some facts and figures about this amazing European country, that is gaining lots of attraction in world –

  Austria Introduction 

Austria, for the most part, mountainous inland country of south-central Europe. alongside Schweiz, it forms what has been characterized because of the neutral core of Europe, even so Austria’s full membership since 1995 within the international global organization (EU).
A great a part of Austria’s prominence may be attributed to its geographic position. it’s at the center of European traffic between east and west on the nice Danubian trade route and between north and south through the glorious Alpine passes, so embedding the country among a spread of political and economic systems. within the decades following the collapse in 1918 of geographical region, the transnational empire of that it had been the center, this tiny country older quite 1 / 4 century of social and economic turbulence and a Nazi tyranny. however the institution of permanent neutrality in 1955, related to the withdrawal of the Allied troops that had occupied the country since the top of war II, enabled Oesterreich to grow to be a stable and socially progressive nation with a flourishing cultural life like its earlier days of international musical glory. Its social and economic establishments too are characterised by new forms and a spirit of cooperation, and, though political and social issues stay, they need not erupted with the intensity proven in alternative countries of the Continent. The capital of Oesterreich is historic capital of Austria (Wien), the previous seat of the Holy empire and a town famous for its design

Austria is boxed to the north by the European nation, to the northeast by European nation, to the east by Magyarorszag, to the south by Slovenija, to the southwest by Italy, to the west by Schweiz and Principality of Liechtenstein, and to the northwest by Germany. It extends roughly 360 miles (580 km) from east to west.

The Austrian Alps type the physical backbone of the country. they’ll be divided into a northern and a southern sedimentary rock vary, every of that consists of rugged mountains. These 2 varys square measure separated by a central range that’s softer in type and description and composed of crystalline rocks. The Alpine landscape offers a posh geological and geographics pattern, with the very best elevation—the Grossglockner (12,460 feet [3,798 metres])—rising toward the west. The western Austrian Länder (states) of Vorarlberg, Tirol, and urban center square measure characterised by the majestic mountains and luxurious scenery of the high Alps. This high Alpine character additionally extends to the western a part of the state of Kärnten (Carinthia), to the Salzkammergut region of central Oesterreich, and to the Alpine blocks of the state of Steiermark (Styria).

Austria may be a land of lakes, several of them a gift of the Glacial epoch (i.e., about 2,600,000 to concerning eleven,700 years ago), throughout that glacial erosion scooped out mountain lakes within the central Alpine district, notably around the Salzkammergut. the biggest lakes—lying partially within the territory of neighboring countries—are Lake Constance (Bodensee) within the west and also the muddy Neusiedler Lake (Neusiedlersee) within the east.

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